Monday, June 21, 2010

back. off track.

hi all.

i am back. i was away in San Francisco for a month. visiting family. playing tourist. meeting some family for the first time. it was all goods times. saw many of "the sites", but i'm really a bad tourist and can only be so excited by a bridge or tower for so long.
i bought plenty of tshirts, a few toys n comics. haha. nothing OVERLY hyper amazing. it wasn't what i would consider a vacation. it was a trip. the difference? a vacation suggests escape. whereas this seemed like the same routine except in a different place with different peoples. but yea, glad to be back in the city that i call mine own. it was a good experience, but now its time to get back on track. back to the drawing board. not to say i didn't draw over there... it just can't be helped.

we were out everyday. i ate plenty. not junk food though. which is a shame as it makes up about 30% of my American knowledge. none offense.

here is me and the bridge.

here i am at ShootingGallery. beside some HUSH on the wall.

this is a wicked art supplies store they have. flax. flax tortilla chips are delish as well.

this is my Sonic Popsicle in front of... some Art Palace or something.
here i am in front of the... postcard houses

here i am with some SKINNER on mural. around Lower Haters.

i miss the palm trees most.



new first cousins from both sides! and my brother. oh man those sunglasses did not come off. my face was red from the sun after a while too. its much hotter back here in Toronto. maybe i will catch a tan. get nice and brown. or stay in the AC'd basement. oh yes.

wow. i am a terrible photographer.
also i started a TWITTER account! yes i was bored.
yes this blog post is annoying. but its somewhat relevant. more to come!

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