Wednesday, December 30, 2009

another dollar


unless something very important and unexpected occurs within the next few hours, this will be the last entry for the mighty year 2009. i guess i am glad to see the year go, for no reason other than the fact that one should always be ready to let go of the past and dive head first into the future.

people tend to make resolutions, promises, pacts with themselves when a year comes to close. i'm no different. its funny how the "noble" ideas and desires i have to improve myself grow in volume when i am riding the bus home on my own, accompanied by the background music and distant voices from my ipod. its funny how the mental list begins with the usual "get in shape" and "eat better", then slowly turns into "be a more understanding brother, be a better friend, speak less/listen more", only to then dip down into "spend less money, make more money, travel, buy this, buy that, achieve fame and fortune". by no means am i suggesting that one shouldn't take the material into account when trying to identify what changes to attempt to make for the sake of the budding new year. we are only "human" after all... which really is another way of saying that we are flawed. we spend so much time thinking about what we want that we forget about what we need. yes i would very much like to do some travelling and buy myself a car and get a six-pack, but what i need is to become more independant, to better prioritze my goals and to be more driven to achieve them. the thing is, some resolutions are better off written in sand then on paper. we are clumsy, fickle creatures that are only capable of self-less thought when we are alone with our own thoughts. the moment a person becomes people everything changes. suddenly goals become focused not on being better for the sake of being a better individual but to be better than the other. i don't know... in time the voices of reasoning and whatnot die down and i'm left thinking about what there is in the fridge to eat.

so what are my resolutions this year?
maybe by making them public i will be that much more determined to see them through? maybe not. haha oh well i'm definitely not the first or last one to do so. ok so... hmmm lets see. in no particular order, without too many details:

- get in shape. being consistent with both cardio and weight training, eating better etc.
- read more books. "smarter" books, readings outside of graphic novels and the usual fare.
- be a better friend. better friend to those i call friends and more of a friend to those i know as acquaintances.
- more art. the more art i make the better art i make. need to be more driven and dedicated in order to succeed at all. also redo website oh snap!
- give in to the 9-5. i need to get a for real job as much as i don't want to. i need the constant money flow, and all that comes with it.
- travel. this means that roadtrip happening. getting my damn passport and visiting family in Cali.

hmmm that about covers it i think. the important ones maybe.... hopefully. either way i can always add more. overall the idea is in with the good and out with the bad. only heaven knows.

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  1. Good post Hugo, it is good to put down things like resolutions into the public sphere. Not to show off or anything like that. It has been my experience that the more we place into the ether consciously the more we get back consciously in the form of artistic hints and wisdoms.

    I could use your resolutions as a guide haha. Happy new year.