Tuesday, December 15, 2009

artificial growth

sleighs and slays!

thanks to the insane determination of my father i was able to make the space for the beloved plastic Christmas tree! after a few ticks i managed to lug out the tree bits, attach them and "fluff" the branches to the desired fullness. no decorations just yet but the damn tree is up! haha at this rate the lights will go up on the 20th, the decorations on the 23rd and the whole shabang will probably come down sometime in February.

putting the tree up one can't help but be drawn back into days of yesteryear. i remember being about 10 years old or younger, making a trip downstairs where my younger cousins lived, paper and pencil crayons in hand, brother right behind me. i remember how excited and grown-up i was in instructing and assisting the slightly younger ones in making their Christmas wish lists. shuffling through the pages of the Sears WishBook that had arrived at our doorsteps earlier that week, scribbling down the names of the PowerRangers and Barbies of the year on sheets of paper embellished with prismacoloured trees and hollys. haha oh man its nuts how much fun we would have and how much i enjoyed playing the Teacher or whatever....

sadly this tradition, much like all traditions eventually do, came to an end. not really due to not having enough time etc etc but because i became more materialistic. my "wish lists" began to include prices and store locations, eventually including images and specific instructions/details. the innocence of those days lost in holiday greedyness and ugly consumerism.

hey remember the Dragonzord?! so cool. though i was always more of a RedRanger kinda guy.

anyways... that was then and this is now. currently i am sitting at my desks watching season1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! oh man was she hot. what is she doing nowadays? last movie i saw with her also featured Brendan Fraser... called Breathe i think... not overly exciting.
i am also drinking from my massice Mug of Coffee and enjoying some toast with Nutella while working on a watercolour piece for a gift exchange of sorts, i will post it when i'm done.

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