Tuesday, December 29, 2009

come clean


today my beloved girlfriend and i will be celebrating 5 magical years together. 5. that is an awful lot... in my opinion it is. we're not doing anything overly fancy, much as i would like to, because well, we don't have the extra cash to go all Gatsby on the occasion.

usually when i stay over at the gf's place i choose to use her dad's man shampoo and a bar of soap. for whatever reason i ended up using her "stuff". for reasons unknown to me women enjoy products that leave them smelling like they were just dragged through a field of flowers, followed by an apple orchard, follow by a bakery. stepping out of the shower earlier today i felt like i had just washed myself with a fruit salad. i honestly felt less clean than when i went in. i just don't care for kiwi strawberry blossom hair. nor do i care for leaving a towel smelling like a fruit roll-up. i enjoy "manly" products. products that are named after natural disasters and BMX moves. the bottled scent of a glacier earthquake explosion is really the only way to go. of course i am referring to my preference in regards to my own aroma. i have nothing against my lovely smelling like a grapefruit dipped in honey and... oats.

today i am wearing my Captain America t-shirt. which caused the girlfriend to frown. until i pointed out that Cap's star has 5 points... to represent the 5 wonderful mickey mouse years we have shared. she then smiled and walked away.

yesterday i picked up these 3 movies. hopefully we will watch one of them. but i doubt it.

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