Thursday, December 17, 2009

woodn't you like to know?


i mean... hi. today's blog entry is based on wood! how random i know. there is so much to say on the subject! but i am somewhat tired and don't really care enough to go too much into details. so here are some facts or somethings....
i enjoy the smell of freshly cut wood, but i am apparently very allergic to it! for that same reason i have never been able to give carpentry a try, outside of the necessary cuts of wood ie. 2x4 studs for renos etc...
since i can remember i do in fact knock on wood for superstitious reasons. which is really odd considering my persistence in insisting that there is no such thing as "luck" when arguing with friends etc... much as i would like to drop the wood-knocking habit i can't seem to, it is heavily hard-wired into my system.

when the duct installing guys came over to the house they had to (obviously) cut holes in the hardwood for he vents, hardwood pieces which we kept to repair some other junk... hardwood pieces that i painted on. it was fun, mostly because they are so small haha if that makes any sense... it remind me of a segment from Mr.Dressup where he would use cups or something and they would have drawings on them that would do.. stuff and live and such.

the other day i was at an arts and crafts store and i picked up these 2 wooden puzzles. one pops out the pieces and then follows the "directions" and then you end up with 3d wooden puzzle things. i bought two so i could share with my brothers (aww). this is the one i ended up doing... after what felt like many many hours i finished with this. which is more or less what its supposed to look like... only i have a few left over pieces... and not everything actually stays where its supposed to. all in all it was fun but no i probably won't be buying any more. these puzzles are for ages 6+, which i found amazing. not because i don't think kids are capable, but because i don't personally know any kids with the patience to follow it through to the end. *shrug*

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