Sunday, December 13, 2009

you got squared!


it has been an eventful month and a bit. seriously. oh man where to start? i will do a montage o sorts. here we go!
turns out the wicked headaches i've been getting were not due to my sudden infatuation with the magical world of McDonalds but was in fact the result of all the CO i had in my system.

turns out the boiler was broken, and needed to be replaced. KA-CHING!$$$%^%$

the house had old water radiators so the decision was made to upgrade to a furnace/forced air system... which meant lovely invasive renovating! goodbye basement ceiling! KA-CHING!$$$%^%$ KA-CHING!$$$%^%$

while renos at the house were still going on BAM! there goes the car! not a huge deal but its out of commission for a few days which is a horrible inconvenience. (note: this isn't my car, kinda looks like it tho so.. yea.) anyways... KA-CHING!$$$%^%$KA-CHING!$$$%^%$KA-CHING!$$$%^%$

i got these LIMITED EDITION prints made. edition of 7. they will be available at SLEEPINGGIANTGALLERY!! check them out! i doubt they will last too long.

my friend Elia's Mom hosted a squaredance/social event! it was very awesome. the girlfriend and i had mucho fun and wine and goodies. i highly recommend this fantastical dance to anyone and everyone! there should be a movie about squaredancing crews that battle each other! i would definitely see that. apparently squaredancing isn't a competetive sport though. and yes it is a sport!... least in my eyes.

i made a zine! entitled "after the sky fell". sound familiar? its the same name of my blog which you are currently carressing with your beady little eyes! i had a table at a music/art/crafts night hosted by BROKEN ARTS at Isabella's Cafe in Oshawa. i was very pleased with the experience and will definitely be pursuing this zine business further. i still have some of the original few i made! email me if you'd like one. only 500 Canadian pennies!

hmmm so... yea. that and the usual holiday fun adventures, art making, eating, sleeping... that basically sums up my month so far. not all good things but hey i can't complain too much. we're still here and have plenty to be grateful for. something one often forgets in times of crisis. like the saying goes; "everything will work out in the end, if everything is not okay, its not the end."... or something like that.

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